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OEA’s Position Statement on Putting Education First in Regard to Containing the COVID-19 Pandemic

OEA’s Position Statement on Putting Education First in Regard to Containing the COVID-19 Pandemic that was unanimously adopted by the OEA Board of Directors on December 3, 2020.

Read the statement here.

2020 OEA Fall Representative Assembly Summary

The work of delegates to the Virtual 2020 OEA Fall Representative Assembly held December 5 focused on legislative and political issues with a direct effect on public education and students in Ohio. The 750 registered delegates at the assembly discussed the 2020 election, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, current legislative efforts, organizing and advocacy successes, and more.


President Scott DiMauro addressed COVID-19’s impact on the educational system in Ohio and how we as a union are fighting for the safety of our members and students.

Newly elected NEA President Becky Pringle addressed our delegation and thanked us for battling some of the systemic social problems our country continues to face.

Vice President Jeff Wensing discussed all the legislative undertakings in our state congress, why they are important, how they affect OEA, and how we as members can support the issues that are important to us.

Secretary-Treasurer Mark Hill enumerated on the financial and membership numbers for OEA.


The OEA registered delegates had the opportunity to hear from our new Executive Director Patricia Collins Murdock; who expressed her admiration for all the hard work and commitment that the delegates have shown to their districts and students.

Another bittersweet moment was the tribute to outgoing Executive Director Sheryl Mathis. Ms. Mathis also addressed the delegation expressing her pride and gratitude in being part of our great union. She will certainly be missed, but has earned her retirement.


To ensure the safety of members and staff, OEA has made the difficult decision to offer the 2021 OEA Advocacy and Organizing Institute virtually.

This year’s event will be held on Saturday, February 6, 2021 and will give OEA members the opportunity to attend two, 90-minute sessions of their choice. The event will begin at 9:00 a.m. with an opening address from OEA President Scott DiMauro and will conclude at 12:45 p.m.

Registration will open on January 5, 2021 and close on February 1, 2021. Sessions will be limited to 40 participants per offering. This event is being held at no cost to the participants.

If you would like to receive an email notice when registration opens, please go to aoi.ohea.org and provide us with your contact information.

Stay Safe! We hope to see you virtually on February 6, 2021 and in-person as soon as it is safe


Valued Central Members,

We have some exciting professional development opportunities being planned for the new year by our Membership Development and Engagement committees.

The first is our annual Diversity Conference on January 30th. Our theme for this virtual conference will be Journey to Justice.

We will be announcing details of 2 tracks – a personal growth track and a professional growth track very soon.

Our second opportunity will be Power Up! on March 6th. This will also be virtual. Details coming soon!

Both of these conferences will earn CEU’s!

Keep an eye out for the Winter issue of the Communique – it will have details of scholarships available for OEA and NEA trainings.

Finally, We have another Speaker Series Discussion on Race scheduled for November 24th at 6pm. Registration details can be found on our website at www.centraloeanea.org.

All of these opportunities are free for Central OEA/NEA members.

Fund For Children & Public Education

Who Is Telling Our Story?


The Fund for Children and Public Education (FCPE) is a non-partisan, political action fund for candidates who support the values of public educators.


The law prohibits members’ dues dollars being used for contributions to candidates for office; therefore, the voluntary FCPE contributions you make are one of the ways we tell the story of what we believe. We believe…

  • Teachers and Support Staff are committed to the success of every child.
  • Students need to be at the center of education reform.
  • To ensure the success of every child, teachers, students, parents, and POLITICIANS need to be held accountable.


FCPE is ultimately about issues, not candidates. If you care about any of the following issues:

  • Class Size
  • Standardized Tests
  • Salary
  • Common Core
  • Evaluations
  • Value-Added
  • Working Conditions
  • Retirement

Then FCPE is important to you, too.
By becoming politically active, we don’t guarantee ourselves success in public policy debates, but it does guarantee us a seat at the policy-making table and allows us to tell our story.


If your local would like assistance with your FCPE program, or would like help organizing a FCPE drive, please contact Central’s FCPE Political Action Coordinator, here.

Attention Members!

The OEA Day of Collaboration: Distance Education Webinar Series is an OEA member program that will focus on member to member collaboration and expertise as a capacity building strategy to strengthen OEA members’ ability to improve student success during this unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic.  This webinar series will address important distance education topics and provide an opportunity for OEA members across Ohio to share information, insights, resources and learn from each other. This series will take place on Mondays from 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM, starting August 10, 2020.

Monday, August 10, 2020  –  Webinar Topic: Remote Learning Plans

Time: 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM

Registration Link: Zoom Registration – August 10 Distance Learning Plans

Description: This webinar will provide OEA members with an opportunity to understand the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) Remote Learning Plan guidance for the 2020 – 2021 school year.

Guest Speaker(s): 
Jennifer Stump, Policy Staff
Office of Policy and Legislative Affairs, Ohio Department of Education

Demetrice Davis, OEA Education Policy and Practice Consultant
Email: davisdem@ohea.org