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2020 OEA Fall Representative Assembly Summary

The work of delegates to the Virtual 2020 OEA Fall Representative Assembly held December 5 focused on legislative and political issues with a direct effect on public education and students in Ohio. The 750 registered delegates at the assembly discussed the 2020 election, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, current legislative efforts, organizing and advocacy successes, and more.


President Scott DiMauro addressed COVID-19’s impact on the educational system in Ohio and how we as a union are fighting for the safety of our members and students.

Newly elected NEA President Becky Pringle addressed our delegation and thanked us for battling some of the systemic social problems our country continues to face.

Vice President Jeff Wensing discussed all the legislative undertakings in our state congress, why they are important, how they affect OEA, and how we as members can support the issues that are important to us.

Secretary-Treasurer Mark Hill enumerated on the financial and membership numbers for OEA.


The OEA registered delegates had the opportunity to hear from our new Executive Director Patricia Collins Murdock; who expressed her admiration for all the hard work and commitment that the delegates have shown to their districts and students.

Another bittersweet moment was the tribute to outgoing Executive Director Sheryl Mathis. Ms. Mathis also addressed the delegation expressing her pride and gratitude in being part of our great union. She will certainly be missed, but has earned her retirement.