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Education Advocacy Opportunity

We’re excited to announce an opportunity for Central’s most engaged members to become Education Advocate Leaders.

First, what’s an Education Advocate Leader?

Education Advocate Leaders (EALs) are members! They strengthen their local associations’ legislative and political grassroots capacity year-round by engaging fellow members around legislative and political campaigns.​

Who can become an Education Advocate Leader?

Any active member can become an Education Advocate Leader. It takes no experience – we’ll provide the training, guidance and resources.

To become an Education Advocate Leader, simply take 2 minutes to apply online: www.centraloeanea.org/eal.

We will provide Education Advocate Leader training virtually on October 6th, 2021 at 6:00 PM via Zoom.

What will I need to do?

Mandatory criteria:

• Communicate with your local/colleagues on education issues

• Contribute to the OEA Fund

• Recruit at least 10 colleagues to receive Central ACE’s emails and send their addresses to russell@jointhefuture.org

• Attend an Education Advocate Leader training session

• Join the OEA Outreach Circle

Central OEA/NEA will provide a $100 stipend, paid in December to each Education Advocate Leader who meets the Mandatory Criteria.


• Play an active role in local election activities

• Attend OEA phone banks or an OEA sponsored canvass

• Like and Share Central Social Media Content

Education Advocate Leader training topics covered will include:

• Communication & Involvement (sign up colleagues to ACE’s list, disseminating info to your local)

• How to sign up for the OEA Outreach Circle

• How to sign up for and use the Hustle App

• Cyber lobbying, and engaging Central, OEA, NEA Social Media

• Understanding what the OEA Fund is & is not

• Statehouse lobbying

• EAL Stipend Criteria

• Campaign 2021

Apply NOW to become an Education Advocate Leader: www.centraloeanea.org/eal